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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 4, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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show." >> get more at have a great captioned by the national captioning institute >> touchdown washington and a perfect throw from mcnabb. >> straight ahead, sweet success. donovan mcnabb goes home to philadelphia and brings home a win for the redskins. that is how we like to start a monday. >> of course. >> "good morning, washington." thank you for joining us. >> more on the win in a minute but first another rainy morning out there. let's go to traffic and weather every 10 minutes to see what you are in for. we check in with traffic but first here is steve rudin. >> good morning. we are looking at rain across the area. clouds will stick around a good part of the tkaday.
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montgomery county the rain has taken a little break. it will move into the area again over the next half hour but the district, arlington, fairfax, you are looking at pod rate rain. -- moderate rain. w win. showers are once again moving back in the coastal area. 55 to 60 degrees. this could be the coolest day since may 11 for daytime high temperatures. periods of rain changing to showers by this afternoon. cloudy and cooler. showers for overnight and mostly cloudy with showers mainly to the west of d.c. 60 to 65 degrees. let's get an update of the rush hour. >> it will be a slippery one this morning. but the beltway is off to a good start. this is 95 in springfield. we see the road spray but traffic is moving good out of
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woodbridge. 66 in good shape so far. no accidents to report on 270. traffic without incident on the beltway west through college park. 270 the gaithersburg stretch there and toll road is in good shape. it will change so we will be back. >> redskins fans are celebrating a big win against the eagles. >> you could certainly call it one of his sweetest wins as quarterback. donovan mcnabb returned to the city of brotherly love. >> that is what happened. mcnabb received a standing ovation in his first game at philadelphia since the eagles traded him. he got an embrace right there from michael vick. mcnabb threw 19 times for 125 yards and one touchdown. that is all the redskins needed to win. the final score 17-12. >> i was overwhelmed a little bit with the standing ovation and the reception that i got.
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you cherish that. >> felt good to help him get a victory against a team that basically said you are not good enough, this is what we think of you. we will trade you within the division. >> the redskins are now first in their division. in a few minutes we will see how redskins fans were celebrating the big win. >> our top story this morning, americans traveling to europe are urged to be extra vigilant. the state department issued a travel alert because of al qaeda and other groups planning attacks on high profile tourist destinations. passengers at dulles airport said it won't stop them from traveling. >> it gives you something to think about, to be on the extra alert, keep my eyes and ears open and hope for the best. >> the transportation security administration tells abc 7 news it deploys measures based on
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realtime intelligence but didn't say if that meant changes in airport security. three men are in custody after an armed robbery and crash steps from the mayor of tacoma park. it was sunday on lincoln avenue. the three men flipped their dodge after robbing three people at the eastern carryout with semiautomatic guns. >> crews will be paving a section of the event county connector until about 7:00 this morning. it will resume the next three days from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. if you live near shady grove and i-370 it wills noisier than usually. it is expected to open late this year or early even next year. there is a traffic alert this morning for drivers who take telegraph road. beginning this morning through thursday expect construction between 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. the telegraph northbound ramp to i-495 south will be close and
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left lines north and south on telegraph between huntington and duke. you should try to find alternate routs. >> it is 4:35 on monday. for the sixth time in a little more than six weeks students in college park are on high alert. over the weekend another person was attacked and robbed right near the university of maryland. courtney robinson has the details on what is becoming an all too familiar situation there. good morning. >> good morning, alison. this time it was on campus just behind anne arundel hall. a 19-year-old student was walking by himself early sunday morning when three men approached him and attacked and robbed him, taking his wallet and cell phone. this similar to five other muggings we have seen since the end of august. those happened just off campus and campus police warning students in those situations not to walk alone. all of these occurring very
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early morning on a saturday or a sunday, students walking alone and usually a large group of men that come up and overpower them, knocking them to the ground and robbing them. if you have any information about these attacks and robberies you are asked to call police. >> courtney robinson live in college park, thank you. it is 4:36. still to come, some special reunions at a maryland hospital. we will take you inside the emotional ceremony. >> 7 is on your side with a heads up for verizon customers. why you will want to closely check that next bill. >> first, if is a rainy start to this workweek. steve rudin will tell us how this workweek. steve rudin will tell us how long the
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>> it is about 4:39, time for a check of weather and traffic. we start with steve rudin with the latest object another rain morning. >> nothing like last thursday. we are looking for it to continue through the commute. the good news is it has let up a little bit across montgomery county, gaithersburg and germantown. over to arlington and northwest d.c. and falls church and front royal and to the west we are looking at moderate showers. we will pick up about .75 inch by the time it moves out. it will be a steady, light rain
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the next several hours. we will see what is going on. tempwise, 66 is needing to be inundated. it is a little cooler. showers now lifting off toward the north. area of low pressure west of us and just off the coast it will continue to spin and influence the weather. here is a look at the express forecast. temperatures during the 8:00 hour around 50 to 55. high around 55 to 60, making this one of the coolest days since may 11. been a hot, hot summer. better weather ahead. we have to wait another couple of days. we will go for daytime highs on wednesday just around 65, back in the 70's by thursday, friday and saturday. we will pull it together the tphebnext section but now an up of traffic. >> we are in pretty good shape around the area. this is 270 getting through the gaithersburg area.
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no accidents, no delays out of frederick south on 270 despite the weather. give yourself little extra time and extra space between you and the cars in front of you. beltway in good shape north side. northbound side of 95 good shape. no accidents here out of fredericksburg and up to the beltway. traffic along the toll road and greenway good. one situation outbound river road at ridgefield in the bethesda area. outbound lanes are blocked because of a tree that came down earlier. >> it is a great morning outside but 4:41 right now. coming up. verizon customers are in for a bit of a payday. >> he is here and we got him. that is the important thing. >> donovan mcnabb goes home and gives redskins fans a reason to
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>> welcome back. 4:44 the time. thank you for joining us. americans traveling to europe are urged to be extra vigilant. the state department has issued a travel alert because of concerns al qaeda and others are planning attacks on high profile tourist destinations. it doesn't say to avoid tourist sites, it just urges people to be aware of their surroundings. there are safety concerns after another university of maryland student was mugged. that student was robbed sunday morning near anne arundel hall on the college park campus.
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there have been five similar muggings off campus since late august. donovan mcnabb's return to philadelphia ended in a win for the redskins. he threw 19 times for 125 yards to help the burgundy and gold win 17-12. they are now 2-2 and 2-0 in the n.f.c. east. >> the redskins clinched the top spot in the east with a symbolic road win over the philadelphia eagles. what a good night. needless to say there is strong reaction throughout our area. jay watched the game and talked to some die hard fans. >> i love it. >> the washington game in philadelphia unfolded in dramatic fashion for fans and the player under tremendous scrutiny, former eagles turned redskins quarterback donovan mcnabb. of >> i'm loving it. i'm glad he is making a big comeback. >> a packed house here in
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northwest watched as mcnabb passed washington to an early lead over the team he led for more than a decade. >> he has something to prove like this is what you are missing. >> it is great for the redskins to have something to cheer about and to build a rivalry against philadelphia. >> eagles fan colleen grew up in philadelphia but lives in washington. >> i don't have any hard feelings. we had great years with him. it is just it was time for him to do something else. >> with mcnabb's replacement michael vick injured early skins fans reveled as their new leader marched washington to victory. >> he is here and we got him. that is the important thing. >> it is so emotional you watch the redskins play. down to the end you had to watch every second and you want to sit there and watch the game and i will take the win. >> you get the sense donovan mcnabb, after beating his old team has won over some skeptical
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washington redskins fans. >> it is now 4:46. moving on to other news, the supreme court will make some history in the first day of the new term. they women will be serving at the same time. elena kagan joins ruth bader ginsberg and sonia sotomayor. they could issue rules on same-sex marriage, immigration, freedom of speech, healthcare reform and other issues. on the eve of the term some justices went to church. five of them attended the annual mass at saint matthews cathedral. it offers prayer and guidance to judges, attorneys and other members of the legal profession. rahm emanuel is now making it official, he wants to be the next mayor of chicago. sunday he made the announcement online. >> as i prepare to run for mayor i will spend the next few weeks visiting neighborhoods and
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grocery stores, l stops, bowling alleys and hot dog stands. this is the tell it like it is tour. >> that is expected to begin today. he launched a new website. he is joining a crowded field of hopefuls. he must kpwaer 12,000 signatures by the end of november to be on the ballot. one maryland lawmaker wants to put the brakes on foreclosures. he said reports in other states indicate lenders may have rushed the foreclosure process to thousands of homeowners. he wants a 60-day moratorium imposed. the governor hasn't responded yet. the tarp program has gone out of business. in 2008 congress approved $700 billion for the troubled asset relief program to help financial institutions and auto industry. taxpayers may only be on the hook for $50 billion to $70 billion. while it angered many, economists say it prevented the
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recession from getting worse. a candlelight vigil was held sunday at rutgers to pay tribute to traoeurl clemente. he is a student who killed himself after his roommate and friend allegedly taped him with an intimate encounter with another man. it was streamed on the internet. university leaders say they hope the death will teach students to be more respectful to each other. >> police confirm the imam planning to build a mosque near ground zero has received death threats. his wife appeared on "this week" sunday and talked about it. she said she and her husband are committed to building the mosque saying moderate muslims must lead the fight against extremists. >> 7 is on your side at 4:49. verizon reportedly will offer a refund to some customers. it will shell out up to $90 million to 15 million customers
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who were wrongly billed for internet use. most customers will receive a $to -- $2 to $6 credit. former customers will get a check in the mail. >> nice so wait for. 51 degrees right now. a little later, a very special story for you this morning. local nurses will meet the patients they helped bring into the world. we will take you to this emotional reunion. >> another check of the traffic and weather every 10 minutes here. we will be right
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>> a rainy and cool start to our monday. look at the weather bug network. temperatures only in the 40's across most of the area. fairfax at 49, potomac 48. about a third of an inch of rain has fallen so far. children's hospital in the district about a quarter inch. currently 48 degrees. outside with our satellite and radar we have two areas of low pressure. we are in between the two. we will look for showers to continue throughout the morning, heaviest during the morning and taper off a little bit of drizzle later this afternoon. temperatures well below average for this time of year. quiet and dry across the mid portion of the country. if you are going to chicago and denver, you will look for clearing skies. periods of rain and showers today. 55 to 60 degrees for a daytime
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high. coolest day since may 11. tonight cloudy, cool, showers, 45 to 50 degrees. tomorrow peeks of sunshine late. showers mainly to the west of d.c. across the potomac highland and shenandoah. 65 to 65. warmer temperatures for the weekend. we will talk about that and more in a few minutes. first we will go to jim with an update of traffic. >> good news from river road. outbound ridgefield just west of willard road the tree that came down mostly cleared out of the road so there is debris but lanes are open. inbou inbound george washington parkway a broken down car. police are there and crowding the right side of the road. be careful there. traveling along the 270 corridor good shape. hyattstown, no delays south to the beltway. 66 the toll road and beltway
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>> this is a healthy active kid but that was not always the case. she was born prematurely and lived in the intensive care unit at shady grove for 55 days. >> she was 29 weeks when chefs born and she weighed 770 grams, which is one pound 11 ounces. >> she and many other babies had a chance to say thanks to the nurses and staff at the 11th annual nicu carnival. they helped the females overcome the start. she says sync the kids happy and healthy is the best part of her job. >> we can see how they were sick and we love to take care of sick babies and they are good and growing up and some are in school. >> fun and emotional for the families as well. many were met during trying times but among the games and entertainment a chance to swap stories of success. >> it seals like an emotion -- seems like an emotional roller coaster but every child has
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their own story. >> such a neat story. there is lots more to come ahead in the next half hour of "good morning, washington." >> at 5:00 this morning hail to the redskins. donovan mcnabb takes a trip to his old stomping grounds and takes home a win. we will have highlights and reaction. >> the u.s. says pack your caution with your bags to europe. the latest on the new travel alert. >> first, more rain for the morning drive. how much longer will it stick around? "good morning, washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we are glad you are joining us. it is a rainy monday morning and we are on storm watch as the rain makes its way through the region. we will check ini


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